This is an Invitation, ‘Got it?’

Guest Speaker Visual Artist Tom Meskell launches the exhibition

4.30 on 31st October – 6th November 2018, at Áras an Chontae, Tullamore.

Anam Beo believes in arts accessibility and that a picture combined with type may counteract information overload, allow focus and elegantly tell a story. With support from the Community Foundation for Ireland, artists Rowena Keaveny and Julie Spollen asked in an inclusive and creative manner…

‘What is the best way to clearly communicate necessary information?’

A project about communication, health literacy and expression, it produced artwork and postcards that are informed by participants during creative workshops. Anam Beo, Arts, Health and Wellbeing Organisation have been interacting and communicating with people of different abilities since 2005 with over 13,472 workshop attendances in the growing demographic of the over 55’s.

Health Literacy; defined as the degree to which individuals can obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate decisions regarding their health.



May thanks to Jenny O’Reilly from Wicklow Dementia Support;

for this Dementia document/tool for engagement, whom Anam Beo had the pleasure to meet recently at a Community Foundation Network Day.

It is fantastic the CFI gives us access for sharing insights into Advocacy for Older People.


Community Foundation of Ireland

Anam Beo Advocacy for Older People Art Sessions

with Rowena Keaveny and Julie Spollen 2018

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‘Solos & Notions’ Exhibition Bealtaine Be Our Guest 2018!



MUSIC IN MEDICINE THERAPEUTIC HARP in Gerontology and Hospice care with Jayne Demakos

An information and creative workshop at Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore for health care providers, families and community members

Date & Time: Thursday 7th June, 10.30am – 12noon (90 minute workshop)

Venue: Education Centre, Scott Building, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore (MRHT), Arden Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly *Access to venue from 10am with 10.30am sharp start Tickets:  Free but Booking is essential at:


The workshop will explore the effects of THERAPEUTIC HARP on end of life care. Therapeutic harp at the bedside of patients is closely aligned with Music Thanatology (music for the dying) and uses live harp music and voice to prescriptively address physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of patients. Key principles of prescriptive music will be covered  supported by case studies, stories and testimonies.

Participants will be offered a series of demonstrations and exercises, personally exploring the impact of music on the body, emotions and attitudes. (Participants are not required to bring any instruments)

THERAPEUTIC HARP is a complimentary medicine that offers music for those facing physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual challenges. In Gerontology, therapeutic music and music therapy is gaining wide spread acclaim in restoring well-being and quality of life for elders especially for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

In Hospice, therapeutic harp is neither entertainment nor a bedside performance. Therapeutic music seeks healing rather than curing, and is recognised as an effective complementary medicine enhancing traditional and mainstream medicines.

 Workshop facilitator, Jayne Demakos is based in Ithaca, New York State and provides therapeutic harp and voice in health care facilities in Central New York and is a certified Therapeutic Harp practitioner at Hospicare and Palliative Care Services in both Tompkins and Cortland Counties. Jayne has studied Contemplative Musicianship and Music Thanatology with Therese Schroeder-Sheker and is a candidate for certification in Music Thanatology through the Music Thanatology Association International and is a lecturer in ‘Exploring Music as Medicine’ at the Ithaca College School of Music, NY.

Solos & Notions

Invite Bealtaine 2018

Anam Beo, Offaly County Council & The Public Participation Network invites you to be our guest at ‘Solos and Notions’ Bealtaine 2018 Exhibition: Curated by Anam Beo Arts, Health and Wellbeing organisation, a diverse exploration of creativity by older people within our community from the 16thMay.

9am – 4pm, Aras an Chontae.

Be Our Guest!

‘Solos’ is a collection of artwork from long term Anam Beo exhibitors, John Beesley, David Boland, Maureen Dunne, Sean Hennessy and Johanna Cordial to name a few, with participants in association with a wider outreach art project ‘Notions’ from the Irish Wheelchair Association, Birr Mental Health Centre, and active retirement groups from Ballycumber, Birr & Crinkle.

‘Notions’ is a collection of shared written stories, memories, expressions and thoughts, pocketed in small jute bags and were part of introductory meetings with participants from Anam Beo’s current Community Foundation for Ireland’s Advocacy for Older People project: creative workshops that express the necessity for better communication and readability of ‘information’ leaflets and medical instructions.

Be Our Guest underlines the festival’s values of acceptance, tolerance and reciprocity. Established in 1995, Bealtaine is the largest co-operative festival in Ireland, taking place annually in May, run by Age & Opportunity, a national organisation that promotes and celebrates the arts and creativity as we age.

The field of Arts and Health is innovating cultural change so we may grow older better through creative thinking and collaborative efforts with champions across our local community. By 2041, 22% of the population will be 65 or older. Healthcare alone can’t solve all the challenges that evolve with this. Creativity is a lifelong journey so please be our guest and enjoy ‘Solos & Notions’.


Supported by the Dublin Mid-Leinster HSE, Anam Beo, Offaly County Council, the Public Participation Network, Community Foundation of Ireland and all the participants, exhibitors and centres involved. Many Thanks. Julie Spollen

Getting organised for 2018! Community Foundation of Ireland Advocacy for Older People Project, Bealtaine, dance and….

In 2017 Anam Beo Participant & Attendance at 6 different locations in Offaly, 

155 art sessions, 264 participants and 1046 attendances.


Anam Beo are delighted that Ailish Claffey, a dance artist and movement practitioner with an interest in health, wellbeing and older people will be at Riada House in November!

In our Dance Classes, participants are inspired to explore movement and music in ways that are energising, fun, stimulation and creative. Lots of benefits are recorded from taking part in dance classes such as increasing range and fluidity of motion, multi-tasking and balance increase in addition to co-ordination and efficiency of movement. Classes are led by professional dance artist, Ailish Claffey, who has trained in Dance for P.D. with David Leventhal, Mark Morris Dance Company, Brooklyn, US and renowned functional anatomist Irene Dowd, NYC. Classes start with gentle chair based warm up, than work towards shifting weight out of the chair and up to standing before transferring weight and travelling through space. Affinities of movement, effort qualities and rhythm are explored as we connect to the music and enjoy moving together as a group.

Specialising in choreological studies, Ailish works in a collaborative capacity exploring and creating work that examines the complexity of human relationships.

SS2017 @ Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

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October 2017 to October 2018

The larger artworks will be on view here for a set period and then in the departments that were involved in the project. Smaller portraits and images belong to the individuals and departments that participated.

These artworks are the outcome of a visual arts project called Stop and Sit undertaken by Anam Beo artists, Rowena Keaveny and Julie Spollen. They encapsulate the interactions and observations with participating staff at the hospital.

This was an artist in residency project in collaboration with Anam Beo, Offaly County Council and Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore. It has been a wonderful connection with staff and a positive programme of work alongside Ann Lawlor’s facilitation of the Arts & Health Seminar in the Scott building. There is a strong indication of the positive links that are being built and how participatory arts are being enabled in the spaces available.

Health humanities and a realisation of the unquantifiable benefits the arts have for our health is here to stay. Accessible creative spaces, where people cross between disciplines, may solve some of the health, social and care issues of our times.

Given the opportunity people will always remember how to play, laugh and be expressive, participatory arts can bring us to that place. The challenge is to ensure that a balance exists where people can meet, communicate, nurture the body and soul as we do all have the capacity for individual creative expression. Not to loose sight of these powerful interactions and the provision of opportunities for that powerful place, be in physical or mental, is important.

It is up to our contemporary society, to consider and provide access to all possibilities for our health, daily living and recovery.

Many thanks to staff at the hospital and all the team for advocating the role the arts play in rehabilitation, recovery, care, daily living and for embracing and providing access to the positive possibilities for our communities in Offaly and the region.

Julie Spollen



3 SS2017 SHORTS @ Tullamore Library and Tullamore Community Arts Centre!Julie Spollen and Rowena Keaveny documenting and responding to a collaborative artist in residency project with staff at the hospital.









You are invited to register to attend an Arts & Health Seminar at Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore, Co Offaly on Thursday July 6, 2017, 9.30am-4.30pm. 

Register early as there are limited places.

The Seminar is open to all and will consider the interface between arts and health – creating a context in which professionals from a variety of backgrounds can exchange ideas and experiences. And examine how the practice of art in medical and healthcare environments can humanise and enhance experiences for patients, staff and visitors. It will explore how ‘art/cultural processes and practices’ can positively contribute to evolving new meanings and content within the field of arts and health; enabling cohesion and relationship building; and contribute to further research and developments in patient care, medical and health care interventions.


Orlagh Claffey, General Manager MRHT; Dr Gerard Crotty, Consultant Haematologist; and Elizabeth Meade. Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Oncology from Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore (MRHT) 

Dr Hilary Moss, Musician and Music Therapist and Senior Lecturer in Music Therapy at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

Anam Beo, An independent arts and health organisation that delivers the Offaly Arts, Health and Wellbeing Programme. Represented by artists, Julie Spollen and Rowena Keaveny who have recently completed an interaction and research project in MRHT. 

Alison Baker Kerrigan, Artist and Programme Manager, The National Centre for Arts & Health, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin

Ann O’Connor Arts Council Arts and Health Advisor, The Arts Council and former HSE South Arts & Health Coordinator

Additional arts and health practitioners to be announced. 

There will be a showcase of work as presentations and screenings from a range of arts and health care professionals – reflecting the current scope and potential of arts and health practice.

Curated by Ann Lawlor in collaboration with Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore and Anam Beo.The Seminar is kindly supported by Offaly County Council and Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore.

This is a free event. However, there is a maximum daily charge of €5 to park at MRHT. The complete seminar programme will be emailed to all registered attendees in advance of July 6.

The Seminar in addition will

  • Platform and explore the role of the artist within medical and healthcare settings
  • Consider the role of art in Medical Humanities to facilitate exploration and engagement of the interdisciplinary space between health sciences and the arts – where medicine and healthcare can be experienced from different perspectives
  • Explore how specific art practices and projects can and have contributed to research and development in patient care, medical and health care interventions, driving new policy within health and wellbeing settings.



An Arts and Health Seminar at the Scott Building Tullamore Hospital on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Curated by Ann Lawlor in collaboration with Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore and Anam Beo.

Invitation to submit:

We are calling out for submissions (including but not limited to) artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers, live art/performance/theatre practitioners, sound artists/musicians, spoken-worders, designers, blogglers, vloggers, curators, arts programmers, producers, etc. We are seeking documentation of artworks/performances/projects profiling creative processes and practices in hospitals and multifaceted healthcare settings and will showcase them to Seminar attendees.

Submission deadline: Friday, May 19, 2017

All submissions and enquiries to

where are we now?

Artists on Board for Our Arts in Health Programme for 2017!

Caroline Conway will be at the Irish Wheelchair Association!

Julie Spollen and Rowena Keaveny are doing a collaborative art project with the staff community at Tullamore hospital.

Julie Spollen will be providing self portrait projects at Riada House.

Rowena Keaveny returns to Clara to pursue a key project .

Jackie Lynch will be evolving her folklore creative workshops at BCNU.

Aisling Brennan returns to Ofalia House and lands at BCNU with Music and Reminiscence.

Open Workshops at Tullamore Arts Centre facilitated by Anam Beo during ‘100 Years 100 Faces’ in September and October 2016.

Rhymer Richard Brennan was in top eloquent form on opening night of ‘100 Years 100 Faces’ performing 4 poignant and humour filled pieces to an engaged audience. Julie Spollen had the unique opportunity to work with Richard and prepared these large pieces to exhibit at Tullamore Arts Centre as a backdrop to his performance.

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Offaly County Council Arts Office kindly enabled our facilitators to take part in some

Continued Professional Development workshops

with the a very experienced and talented Michael Fortune in Wexford.

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Congratulations… Rowena Keaveny, Congratulations… Aisling Brennan for successfully completing their MA in Art Therapy, talented Anam Beo facilitators!


100 Years 100 Faces’  Anam Beo 2016100years-100faces-a4-2

This August 2016 at Birr Theatre, a viewing of I’m Not Nursing Home Material and In Your Face and other shorts by Anam Beo, Offaly’s Arts, Health and Wellbeing programme. Anam Beo facilitators Rowena Keaveny and Julie Spollen embarked on individual art projects with John Beesley and David Boland that turned into a deep exploration of what it means to be creative, to reflect on the impact of time and document memories. Recording their experiences and pursuits in the arts with a keen interest in how a person is marked and moulded by their health and wellbeing.They focussed on the image making process itself in short animations and voice recordings. The poignant part being the realisation that if these memories and thoughts are not recorded, they could be lost. Many thanks to National Lottery Grant Scheme and Department of Health for supporting this project.

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Anam Beo, Offaly’s Arts, Health and Wellbeing programme celebrated 10 years in 2015; while we marked the decade we continued all the while with over 104 art sessions at care centres, producing a diverse range of unique artwork whilst engaging over 110 participants in long term health care. There were many special moments, there always is when you work in a health setting, but a few stood out.

 For many years I have worked with David Boland in the Irish Wheelchair Association, impressed with his capacity to create. We discussed doing a publication of his poetry and self portraits. David is a prolific writer and drawer and I had been encouraging him to catalogue some of his work and share it with a wider audience. His thoughts, pursuits in the arts and his keen interest in how a person is marked and moulded over time, are all reflected in his verses and drawings. It finally happened last year, he proudly and deservedly printed his first book!

My artist colleague Rowena has a long time creative companionship with John Beesley, a member of Clara Day Care Centre. They embarked on a project that turned into a deep exploration of what it means to be creative, to reflect on a life lived and the impact of that creativity being curtailed through health. They focussed on the image making process itself in a short animation, with voice recordings and what a creative process means to John, now in his 91st year.

Rowena spent time with John, photographing, exploring and sitting with his work. They discussed how John has developed his own unique dialogue through paint, by visually recounting a personal historical narrative to engage the viewer. He describes it as, a ‘freeze frame’ process in which he will remember an event or place and will paint it exactly as he recalls it, complete with the original emotional as well as geographical content. This was also an opportunity to document his memories and the experiences being brought up, as often there were areas he hadn’t explored in a long time. The poignant part being the realisation on John’s part that if he doesn’t record these memories now, they could be lost.

 These are the gentle and important moments in an arts and health process. To have had the time over the past 10 years to really uncover new creative and assertive voices in people who felt that opportunity had already passed them by. There are no bells and whistles, just the quiet realisation that we have made a difference.

 by Julie Spollen

Not Nursing Home Material by John Beesley

This project turned into a deep exploration of what it means to be creative, the impact of that creativity being curtailed and a life lived to the full.

2015-09-05 21.04.01_resized

In My Face by David Boland

In My Face book David Boland

This project was very patient in the making, as for many years David and Julie discussed doing a publication with David’s poetry and self portraits. It finally happened this year. They also got to create a short clip with some stop motion shots, watching how some of the portraits came about. Many thanks to the National Lottery grants scheme for making this happen. View all Anam Beo footage on our youtube channel.

Anam Beo New Logo and ‘STORYBOARDS’ Launch

Storyboards book

As part of our 10 year celebration Anam Beo have a new logo, inspired by Anam Beo participant Peggy Nagle. Peggy’s engagement over the last 10 years is inspirational and as well as her hand print being used in the storyboards images it  was decided that the printed hand should become a symbol for what we do. The image of the hand is one of the first documented images of mans existence and self recognition. Print is also a very accessible and immediate way for people to be creative. At the launch of ‘Storyboards’ Peggy spoke about her experiences and love for the art sessions. Thank You Peggy!

Music and Memory Pilot with Aisling Brennan at Ofalia House in Edenderry 2015.

There will be accompanying footage by Ethan O’Brien.

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‘Outside Inside’ artwork at Tullamore Regional Hospital.

Sincere and many thanks to Orlagh Claffey and Bernie Mann from Tullamore Regional Hospital for providing a launch and professional labels for this collaborative art project with the Irish Wheelchair Association participants and art facilitator Julie Spollen. This group artwork is located on the way to the X-ray department.

‘Thanking Offaly County Council Arts Officer Sinead O’Reilly, the HSE, Johanne Mullen from IMMA, Tom Meskell and the IWA’s Kathleen Carroll and crew… who are such amiable hosts to the art sessions and … all are progressive in their attitudes to arts, health and wellbeing. Hats off to Bill Morrell, Anne Connelly, Sean Hennessy, Paddy Concannon and Pat Sherlock, John Egan, Peg Whelan and Helen Kennedy, Peggy Nagel and Kate Daly.’


Anam Beo Arts, Health and Wellbeing pilot project at a new centre in Birr with Artist Rowena Keaveny who facilitated participants, to create witty and colourful postcards.

‘STORYBOARDS’ 2015; A note from Offaly County Council Arts Officer Sinead O’Reilly

Anam Beo place a great emphasis on reminding us what people can achieve when given the chance, regardless of their physical or mental limitations. Arts and Health are very different contexts, with different languages and requirements , but when a trusting space is created between an artist and a patient, something special happens. We have heard and read the many heartwarming testimonials and uplifting moments from patients and staff that have been in that creative space with Anam Beo artists. We are proud to have been part of its foundation an ongoing development, humbled by the significance of its quiet yet powerful impact and marvel at the innovation, dedication an dearth that the Anam Beo artists have brought to their work fro ten years. The public nature of Storyboards is very important, it is a story that needs to be heard more and their placement in Tullamore train station reflects beautifully on the ongoing journey that is our personal and creative wellbeing.

Singers from The Butterfly Company performed for residents at Ofalia house,
here are some comments from that day …
‘ fantastic costumes and beautiful voices’
‘truly wonderful, I really love them ‘
‘great joy and fun in the room’

Anam Beo Guidelines 2015


Pilot Music Project in Healthcare Programme

Anam Beo is an independent organisation primarily funded by the HSE and Offaly Council with 10 years experience of delivering arts and health programmes and projects in Offaly. They have worked with a number of different settings including residential nursing units and a number of day care settings such as the Irish Wheelchair Association, the Renal Unit in Tullamore Hospital and the Attic Therapy Centre. Primarily a visual arts focused programme, Anam Beo now wishes to extend their work in Offaly to include music, beginning with 12 week pilot programme.

Much research has been conducted on the beneficial impact of music and singing on those with dementia and in long term health care. Singing is not only an enjoyable activity, it can also provide a way for people with dementia, along with their carers, to express themselves and socialise with others in a fun and supportive group. Hidden in the fun are activities which build on the well-known preserved memory for song and music in the brain. Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music is especially easy to recall and is seen as a backdoor into the connections of the mind.

In 2015 we looked for musicians who are highly motivated and passionate about community music. They must be willing and able to teach music through singing (though not necessarily a trained singer), are expected to play at least one instrument to a good standard with some keyboard facility an asset. Interest in generating and contributing to ensemble activity is essential, however prior experience is not a requirement.

Anam Beo – call for musicians  click here for application details.

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‘Postcards from the Centre’, small interactions in a big way.

November 2014

From the 3rd November Offaly’s arts in health and wellbeing group Anam Beo, showcase it’s artwork in progress at the Aras an Chontae,Tullamore, made from a collage of postcards, which is evolving, as an instinctive response to what materials were obtainable and how to include as many members of our community as possible between participants, audience members and art facilitators. Creative and enthusiastic participating groups created up to 700 small artworks using collage and mixed media on a standard postcard. The facilitating artists have assembled the postcards into an maneuverable artwork which evolved during November.

In November workshops with Anam Beo artists were facilitated to encourage a creative response from all footfall, schools and community groups on the premises, by providing art materials and postcards for those who wish to create their own collage postcard, that facilitators may add to the main artwork.

On the evening of the final viewing day, the 21st of November, there will be a closing reception with our guest speaker and Art Therapist Carrie Byrne. This allowed viewing the progress of ongoing work during November and the final artwork at the closing reception a few weeks later where people can take home their postcards. Also this year the exhibition includes new participants artwork from Carthage House, Muchlagh and large artwork by the Irish Wheelchair Association. There is a wonderful animated dvd about Bipolar created by Rowena Keaveny. This will be on display alongside information about the project itself. This dvd was aided by the Community Foundation for Ireland,Anam Beo and the Attic Centre. It is envisaged that this dvd will be given out as information on a national level to sufferers of Bipolar.

Many thanks to those who have enabled this programme. Anam Beo arts in health and wellbeing organisation 2014 Exhibition is possible because of the consistent support and dedication from Offaly County Council Arts Office and Art Officer Sinead O’Reilly, the Dublin Mid-Leinster HSE, The Community Foundation of Ireland and the Managers,Directors of Nursing and Staff at Clara Day Care, Birr Community and Nursing Unit, Ofalia Day Care, Riada House,The Irish Wheelchair Association,The Attic Centre, Carthage House and all the art participants and their families.

Oireachtas Report on “Utilising the Arts to Combat Disadvantage” July 2014

The Joint Committee  on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht  launched a report whereby the Committee on Culture calls for national policy on recognising arts as a means of combating social exclusion and promoting the well being and inclusion of disadvantaged groups within local communities and at a national level . Anam Beo art facilitators’ Rowena Keaveny and Julie Spollen were invited to the launch where it is recommended that strong consideration should be given to including the level of engagement of the arts as a National Indicator of well- being. Where international research supports this policy and where there is significant evidence-based data that confirms its efficacy in addressing social issues in a non-combative,long term and developmental way.

IMG_1033-2To read the report and find out more please visit record of hearings and written submissions 2012 at

Carthage House

Art facilitators’ Tina Gaffey and Julie Spollen engaged with new participants at Carthage House in Offaly.The artwork will be on show at an Aras an Chontae exhibition during November 2014.  Participants were able to focus on their achievements and were comfortable with their chosen subject matter, gaining an understanding and competency in various processes. Encouraging creativity with the printing and the painting processes can have an immediate effect. With the small works created individually there was both delight and sincere appreciation of techniques and the collective artwork produced. However it was the larger work encompassing various smaller works that gave the group a great sense of amazment.The most refined and successful individual pieces went back to the participants. The results were very different as the sessions had created different source material to begin with. Tina and Julie organised the framing and delivered all artwork back to the participants for the centre to have an open event. There was a recorded presentation of finished work to the centre and participants. Participants and Staff loved the workshops, the finished artwork and wished for more sessions. Feedback was positive in that all the participants and staff hoped Anam Beo would be able to return soon. A positive outcome where we will in future, be able to seek out grant aid for continuing such projects in this established centre.

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Compiled by artist liaison and arts facilitator, Julie Spollen this comprehensive report documents Anam Beo’s diverse activities of 2013, including pilot projects undertaken at two new centres, an animated guide to Bipolar Disorder, life on ‘Equality Street’ as portrayed by the Irish Wheelchair Association, knitted bunting in Edenderry and bird boxes in Birr.

To find out more click on the link below.


Midlands Arts and Culture Magazine Issue 21 Spring  2014

To read featured articles detailing the IWA’s recent trip to the Luan Gallery in Athlone and ‘S.E.E.K’ a partnership project between Anam Beo and The Attic Therapy Centre supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland please click on the links below.

Irish Wheelchair Association 

Irish Wheelchair participants with Anam Beo visiting the new Luna Gallery in Athlone during an exhibition of selected works from the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

NEW: Our case study for, ‘Sanctuary’ has now gone live on the Arts + Health website. The project was facilitated by Tina Hayes and Kieran Brennan at the Renal Unit in The Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore in 2012.  To find out more and to see images form the project please follow the links below.

Anam Beo invited to the Oireachtas in 2012

During the Dail in June 2011, TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy stressed the importance of maintaining Government Arts funding; the Deputy was speaking on a motion to the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport. In recognition that the arts are integral to the quality of life and what our organisation, Anam Beo, brings to the older and physically disabled members of our community.  Anam Beo was very privileged to be later invited to discuss its programme to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment, Transport,Culture and the Gaeltacht. An Offaly organisation representing the following aspect of the arts in health in Ireland.

Reference: ‘Utilising the Arts to combat disadvantage among the young, the old and the socially disadvantaged and to encourage their greater integration and social inclusion within local communities’ meeting on 6th March 2012

Documenting CONNECTIONS 2011 

Anam Beo are producing a Blurb book documenting this exhibition where President Michael D.Higgins spoke with great knowledge and eloquence as our guest speaker. The show, ‘Connections’ was a fundraising exhibition that comprised of uniform paintings and prints from participants in the five Offaly centres’ and by invited professional artists from across the country. This book is a non profit publication and will be used to publicise the work of Anam Beo  whilst supporting  future funding applications. It will also be a useful tool for the care centres’ themselves to demonstrate to their evaluators how they are actively engaged in providing a creative outlet for their clients. This booklet will be made available to interested workshop participants and their families.


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